Infusion Services

Infusion therapy services are characterized by the administration of medication, fluids, vitamins, or other supplements through an IV. This allows for direct introduction of the medication or supplement to the blood stream. Primary Care Medicine providers will go over the infusion therapy services available and may recommend a certain type of therapy to meet your needs. Individuals may require such delivery of medicine or vitamins following an illness, as a course of treatment, or to supplement nutritional deficiencies in their diet.

Patients may require infusion therapy as opposed to taking medication or supplements orally in cases in which a severe medical condition is present or if oral medications may not be effective in treating an infection or disease. Dehydration is a relatable example of a case in which direct introduction of fluids through an IV is necessary. Many have seen runners receive an IV to replenish fluids if they are dehydrated after a long run.

Some prefer intravenous introduction of certain vitamins or minerals if levels of the substance are at very low levels. Some patients who suffer from conditions like osteoporosis may receive IV infusion of Reclast that may support bone health. Inform our staff of any medications, alternative medications, or supplements that you are taking to avoid negative interactions with the infusion therapy.

Talk to our staff about the potential benefits that outpatient infusion therapy offers as opposed to receiving intravenous delivery of medication or other supplements during a stay in the hospital. In addition to the added convenience of leaving the doctor’s office or clinic immediately after administration of the medication, outpatient care may even be cheaper because it does not require admission to a hospital and an overnight stay.